Foundation of Moslem Women Magazine in Russia
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Russia is the largest (150 million population) country in the world where the basic religious faiths are Christianity and Islam. In Russia live more than 20 million Moslems.

Historically both Christianity and Islam mean a woman to be the carrier of life-giving beginning, the subject of family continuation and the natural peacemaker. Receiving the information, which helps to live in peace and friendship with neighbours, the woman transfers it to her husband and children, forming positive model of their behaviour.

The growing information stream in a modern society actively deprives the women of an opportunity to receive the religious-educational information, to find sufficient time for spiritual perfection. Especially they have no time for studying and understanding of a way of life and thinking of their neighbour of other creed.

The foundation of the magazine for Moslem women declares two basic purposes:

I. To report to the Moslem woman regular spiritual and religious-educational information, to acquaint her with a cultural heritage and achievements of modern Moslem culture. To give her the household and social information which meets the Moslem religious tradition.

II. To represent the information in such kind of format, that will interest women of non Moslem creed in its studying. To form thus a positive image of the Moslem woman. That will serve strengthening the good-neighbourhood, rallying the society and overcoming the xenophobia spread by some politics in minds of our female compatriots.

The mutual understanding and respect are keys to peace and consent. The understanding is based, first of all, on the objective and not deformed information about cultural-religious and social traditions of each other.

In Russia the peaceful and fruitful coexistence and co-operation between people of different national, and furthermore the basic, creeds is one of the main factors, determining the future development of the country and society.

We, the group of young citizens of Russia, ask to render us the financial and intellectual help in the foundation of the magazine for Moslem women in Russia. We ask you to transfer Your donations to bank accounts (see our page "Donations").

Your materials for publication in the magazine, please, send us via e-mail or see our page Contacts .

We are especially interested in the following materials:

- Sacred Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad;
- Text of Sacred the Quran;
- Tafseer of the Quran;
- Moslem Justice (Figh);
- Dogmatics (Aqida);
- the popular scientific information about the discoveries, predetermined by Quran;
- the information on achievements and traditions of a Moslem science (mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, etc.) and culture (Thagafah Islamia), literature (Adab and Lughah), architecture, historiography, etc.;

- news of education;
- materials concerning psychology, health, housekeeping and cookery;
- catalogues of fashions with the rights of partial publication;
- biographies of well-known Moslem women;
- hobby and life histories.

We are open for Your offers to join to the foundation of the magazine.

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